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Death creeps up on you, not only on you but also on those around you whom you have looked up to and shared your life with. Towards the end of the last century this truth started to hit home, both my birth parents and nearly all their brothers and sisters had passed on. These dear family members who shared their adventures in life with me were no longer around.

My own children were and are busy building their own lives and so I concluded that I would try and write about my life and all those family members who had influenced me.

However I had a hurdle to overcome - my skills in writing and the use of the English language or lack of them. I could not spell; punctuation meant virtually nothing to me and things like verbs, adverbs, adjectives. Well, I would not have recognised one these if it had leapt off the page and bit me.

I did manage to gain four basic qualifications when leaving school one of them being a pass, just, in English language. To this day I am convinced that this was more a reflection of the examiner’s despair on seeing my exam paper and just giving up and deciding to give me a pass to save the strain on his eyes in trying to decipher the spider like scrawl on the page.

I drafted my first attempt at a biography and let a couple of people look at it. They were kind but, objectively, even I recognise that not only were my written English skills sadly lacking but there was no colour or texture to my work. In fact I may as well have been writing a text book on how to clip your toenails

At this point I joined a local evening class in creative writing run by Anna Lunk. Anna’s tutorage guided me to improving my writing skills not only in prose but in also in poetry which when I started the course I would never have expected to have been able to write.

This website allows me to publish some of my attempts to communicate through the written medium. There is no commercial reason for setting up this website and so you can feel free to browse without fear of being sold to.

I am always glad to receive constructive comments on my written work and will always try to respond to any thoughts that you may care to share. I have also tried to provide links to sites of interest to those of you who wish to expand your writing skills.

David H Carpenter-Clawson.

P.S. For more recent missives please visit my blog Grumpy of Bishops

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